Mike Anderson paintings

Many old buildings and neighborhoods have a lot of memories and history, yet they are being torn down to make way for the new. My recent drawings and paintings are an attempt to pay tribute to these artifacts from an earlier time. I have been painting outdoors for over thirty years. I frequently paint in northern Minnesota and various locations while traveling, but most of my work has focused on the Twin Cities. I often paint in the older parts of the city, trying to capture the distinct character of each area before it vanishes. When painting I work on site and try to create a spontaneous impression of the scene, the light, and the feeling of the subject while looking at it. Although I spent several years studying and painting in the classical realist style, my goal now is not to create photorealistic representations, but rather capture the immediate essence of the places that resonate with me. I am inspired by the work of the early impressionists, the Camden Town group painters, and the Group of Seven.